Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 6am to 7pm


“Chris was pleasant, funny and a excellent driver. For some reason the lift was not working on return trip home but Chris managed to bring my husband from the side. He was great.”

– Mrs.Noone( White Plains, NY)

“Mostly safe. Nice drivers and dispatchers especially Jose, John, Gaya, Paul, Dion, Debbie, Ben, Glen, Bill to list only a few great employees. I miss James. Simone is a great blessing, many times you go out of your way to help me.There have been several times however, where I’ve had to wait a while for a pick up to go home – maybe more drivers? Otherwise I have been with Premier for approximately seven ( 7 ) years now. I am thankful for your services. Teddy need s to chill out!! Andrew is superior.Never makes mistakes. Tommy is good too. I want to Thank Jake for helping me over the years.”

– Janis L. Brown

“Really good”

– Ana Collao

“Excellent service. Staff is very helpful and well mannered.”

– Marie Parisien


– Effie Cofield

“I really like the service.”

– James Jackson


– Effie Cofield

“Very good. Muy Bien, Muchas Gracias”

– Juan Guiracocha

“Chris is very pleasant and very experienced. He was exceptional. He took care of my father like his own.”

-Ms. Yoran ( White Plains)

“The service is OK.”

– Hugh Beattie ( Yonkers)

“I love the service. I request Paul,he is a good driver.”

– Minnie Harper ( Yonkers )