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Dialysis Transportation


Patients who require critical, life-supporting trips to a dialysis center often have difficulty getting someone who can bring them to and from the dialysis appointments. Our non-emergency medical transportation services are designed to ease the burden of both the dialysis patients and their families. Premier Ambulette can get you there on time, as well as giving you a ride home.

For over two decades, we have been offering convenient, flexible dialysis transportation services throughout CT and Westchester County. Our response time is fairly quick, and we are available on weekends in certain circumstances. Our vans are equipped with the latest wheelchair-accessible options to help wheelchair-bound patients; or those needing extra help getting aboard. And, our drivers truly go the extra mile to help. We understand that the difficulty of loading and unloading a wheelchair bound person can be more than some are capable of doing, but our drivers are trained and strong enough to handle it.

Now you don’t have to cancel or reschedule dialysis appointments because of not having a ride. This is just one of the multifaceted non-emergency medical transportation services we offer, but we are continuously striving to do everything we can to help our customers. Premier Ambulette drivers are screened and safety conscious, as well as our vans being DOT approved.

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