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Ambulette Services in Dobbs Ferry, NY

Have you found yourself in need of a reliable way to move around Dobbs Ferry, NY – either because you need to see a doctor, visit a clinic, or simply spend quality time with your friends and family? If so, you can join a long list of satisfied clients when you call Premier Ambulette for the transportation services you need! For over twenty years, Premier Ambulette has been a go-to provider of high-quality, non-emergency medical transportation services in Westchester County, NY for elderly, handicapped, and disabled individuals who want full mobility no matter what their condition may be. We offer the following line of services:


Our reputation for superb customer service and timely travel has been earned through years of dedication to the needs and desires of our clients. If you are in Dobbs Ferry and need to travel in the Westchester County area to a hospital, clinic, or other care facility, Premier Ambulette is there for you. Find out more about how our top-notch dedication to safety and customer service can serve you today.

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